It’s amazing how quickly it turns from fairy tea parties and dress-up into dropping them off to high school and middle school. It was like yesterday, right?!? I am raising two amazing women. They couldn’t be more different, except for their kind hearts and beautiful minds. One is all hard rock, and books, while the other is volleyball and youtube diy’s. I try my best to be a guiding hand, without hindering their self-discovery. Let me tell you it’s a delicate balance, but I’m raising two strong, independent women that will be ready to take on the world. I love them fiercely!

This morning before the first day of high school and middle school. OMG!
Circa 2016. First day of middle school and third grade. They were already finding their personal style.
Circa 2010. First day of kindergarten and preschool. They are so small!
4 years old and 1-1/2 Best Friends Forever! Even if they don’t know it yet.