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  • welcome tomendocino wedding photography |by Cassandra Young
  • I am an artist capturing memories with my lens. I create an honest documentation of the beauty of your life and experience. A wedding is an expression of your relationship to your partner and all of the important people in your life together. At the end of your great day you have each other, your wedding bands, and the photos to remember it all by. Photography is so important to solidify your memory and retell your story. I love what I do, and fall in love with each story I capture.

    Some of my favorite things are… foggy mornings, butterfly kisses from my little son, my dogs wagging tails when they eat up a treat, a tearful groom as his bride walks the aisle, my daughter’s poetry, a bride’s veil blowing in the wind, learning something new, my husbands very green eyes, reading a great book…

    ❤️ With Love From Cassandra, CYoung Photography, Mendocino Wedding Photographer